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Ballroom partner

I'm a fun, energetic 155m, slim athletic build girl who LOVES to dance. I am relatively new to Switzerland and stay near Geneva/Lausanne. After a short pause in ballroom (competition) dancing, I'm ready to put on my dancing shoes again :) I am looking for an advanced male partner who would like to compete in ballroom dancing. If you would like to give it a try or have more information about me and my level/experience in dancing,please contact me on 076 818 8662. Hope to hear from you soon! Juliette
(geschrieben am 20.01.2017 11:13)
senior1 standard A - Zurich!!!!!!!
hallo allemaal!

I'm Raffaella and I'm new in Zurich.

I'm a standard A2, senior1, 1,60mt tall, medium size
I'm looking for a dancer, Man, not more than 1,75mt tall, medium size, LIVING OR WORKING IN ZURICH (I work in Jelmoli)

i can accept also a lower category but he has to hurry up his A.S.S. for learn :) I'm very competitive and is of course welcome a partner with same character.

in this moment I'm more available for only training because I'm working a lot and i don't have so much free time, but I count to compete as soon as possible.
I have also the possibility to plan the training where I work, if they have a room free.
I still have contact in Italy so i can plan also some time to time to compete there.

I don't have a favorite teacher here (mmmhhh yes i have it, Ferruggia-Kohler, or Banyer but you can propose anyone you want but has to be damm good)

let me know if somebody is interested.

here there is my email:
(geschrieben am 22.03.2013 15:05)
Tanzpartner gesucht
Hi, ich bin relativ neu in der Schweiz und würde nach längerer Pause gerne wieder in Zürich mit dem Turniertanz anfangen.

Vor einigen Jahren (viiieele)habe ich in Deutschland B/A Latein und C Standard getanzt.

Wäre offen für beide Disziplinen. Melde dich doch einfach mal.

Grösse: 173 ohne Schuhe, schlank, 35 Jahre (aaaaahhh!), motiviert und unkompliziert :-)

Viele Grüsse
(geschrieben am 16.09.2011 16:15)

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